How do you like your windows? There are many different types of window coverings. Let’s take a look at what is the trend in window coverings and see what type you would choose for your home or office?

1) Roman Shades

The roman shades are one of the more versatile windows covering options. It is available in so many colors, designs, and fabrics including cotton, linen, suede, jacquard, silk, and raffia just to name a few. The roman shade can either be custom-made or purchased as ready-made which allows you to easily customize them to fit any size window opening. These shades are meant to hang on top of the window frame without adding any additional depth. They come in separate fabric panels that can be opened separately, allowing you to control the amount of light and privacy they offer.

2) Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are considered a space-saving solution because they don’t require much depth for installation. They can be easily adjusted to fit any window size, plus there is no need for drilling holes into the walls which makes them perfect for homes that have just moved into or those that rent their properties. This type of blind is available with either metal or plastic slats in both horizontal and vertical designs. The fabric used ranges from vinyl to roman fabric so whatever your taste one of these will look good on your windows.

3) Horizontal Blinds

By far the most popular choice on the market today is horizontal blinds. These are advantageous because you can adjust them to fit any sized window opening from small to large without requiring additional measurements or brackets. They are available with either metal or plastic aluminum slats that come in a variety of colors so you can match them to the color scheme in your home or office. The fabric blinds are either vinyl, roman fabrics or natural cotton, which makes them very versatile and easy to wash.

4) Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are made up of two separate pieces that are joined together using small plastic linkages. This type of window covering is ideal for those who wish for maximum insulation from the cold outside or unwanted heat inside their homes or offices during the winter months. These types of shades vary in thickness which means they can be used on standard windows as well as larger patio doors where two smaller cellular shades would be needed to cover the full width. They come with metal or plastic aluminum slats that measure between 2-3″ wide. The fabric used can be roman fabrics, vinyl, cotton, or raffia.

5) Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are most known for their unique functional design which provides ventilation as well as protection against winds, rain, sun, and snow. They are also great at preventing rooms from overheating, especially the kitchen and bathroom because they provide insulation against heat. These shutters can either be painted or stained to match your color preference plus there is no need for you to nail them into the walls since they use brackets instead. The plantation shutter offers a wide range of lightweight fabrics so regardless of what type of fabric you choose it will look great on your windows without adding more weight to them.


Now that you have knowledge about these popular types of window coverings it’s time for you to decide which type fits your taste?  All of these allow you to get the privacy and light control needed for your home or office. Whatever type of window covering you choose always take into consideration the purpose for which it will be used and choose the best option that is suitable for your requirements.