Riding a terrain vehicle can be a great experience either by yourself, with friends or even with family. Exploring nature in an exhilarating way is best experienced on an ATV or UTV!

If you are a beginner or an individual looking to finally transition from renting ATVs or UTVs to finally buying one, there are many things to consider when shopping for an ATV or UTV. We broke down some tips below on how to shop for a terrain vehicle.

What Type to Purchase: ATV or UTV

There are two main types of ATVs: the all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also referred to as a “quad” or a “four-wheeler,” and the utility-terrain vehicle (UTV), also referred to as a “side-by-side.” An ATV is similar to a motorcycle, where you steer with handlebars and using your weight distribution to assist with steering. A UTV on the other hand is similar to a car, where you use a steering wheel and have a passenger seat beside the driver seat.

Tips on How to Shop for a Terrain Vehicle

What Will You be Using it For?

ATVs and UTVs great further broken down into different categories: recreational, sport and utility.

If you are a cottager, you will more than likely lean towards a utility type vehicle. These machines are great for fetching and hauling items in tough to drive areas.

If your environment has tracks designed for terrain vehicles, then you will want a sport ATV. These machines are tuned for speed and performance and designed for tracks or courses.

Recreational ATVs are kind of your in between machine. This is usually the safest purchase for beginners as they can be used for utility or sport, but perform average on both.

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Other Things to Consider

When buying your first ATV, take several factors into consideration.

Who will be using it? Size of this machine will have to be taken into consideration as you don’t want it to be too big or too small. Also, if multiple riders will be riding it, this also factors into the buying decision.

How will you store it and will it need to be transported? If you will be moving your machine from location to location and storing it in different places, you will need to consider these factors as additional costs.

What is your budget? ATVs and UTVs come in all sorts of pricing. Lets not forget the aforementioned transportation and storage costs. Fuel is another factor to consider on top of safety equipment while riding.

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, visit an ATV dealer to see ATVs for sale. A lot of these experts will be able to guide you to the right decision, but it is always best to come prepared with answers to their questions to come to the proper conclusion.