Looking for ways to give your condo a new look? Are you searching for condo renovation tips? Read how you can modernize your condo below.

Whether you want to increase the value of your condo or enhance its functionality and aesthetics for a more pleasant living experience, following the condo renovation tips below will enable you to achieve your goals. 

1. Update Kitchen Cabinets

One of the ways to give your condo a new look is to replace or refinish your kitchen cabinets. The chances are that your kitchen cabinets look lackluster, and oil has started to soak in it. Replacing or refinishing your cabinets will make your kitchen look modern.

2. Fix the Floor 

Another renovation tip is to replace the tiles in your condo to the latest styles. Alternatively, you can install hardwood flooring to run throughout the entire condo, except the bathroom. 

3. Upgrade Lighting

Many condos have poor lighting, and the entire space looks dull. Replace the existing light and fittings with modern and energy-efficient lighting. Choose stylish models and bright options to brighten up your condo space. Replace the switches as well. The elegant lighting fixture and improved lighting will upgrade the look of your condo. 

4. Repaint the Condo

Another condo renovation tip to make your condo look new is to invest in giving your condo a fresh coat of paint. New coats of paint can change how your condo looks. Do not choose excessively bright or harsh colors. Preferably, select soft and neutral tones.

5. Install Granite Countertops

Install granite countertops in the bathroom to improve its look. Usually, condo bathrooms are small and have small vanities. So, it would not be expensive to install granite countertops there. 

6. Window Blinds

Another condo renovation tip for modernizing your condo is to install window blinds. Your condo will look well-trimmed and modern. Instead of drapery or curtains, window blinds will give your condo a modernized look. 

7. Replace Faucets and Showerheads

Look at your bathroom plumbing work and make some upgrades. Replace the outdated showerheads and faucets with stylish ones. This is an easy way to make your bathroom look modern and attractive. 


The condo renovation tips given above are some of the ways to give your condo a new look. Regardless of the space constraints, which is typical of condos, the suggested upgrades will transform your condo and improve its appeal. The condo will look modernized and attractive.