Botox injections have done a lot of good for me and many other individuals. But there are certain facts I wish I had known before going for Botox injections. These facts would have prepared me for the tasks ahead and improved the quality and duration of the results of the procedure.

To help you to prepare for Botox injections, this article will show you 5 facts I wish I had known before getting Botox.

1. jkBotox does not get rid of wrinkles

Before going for the Botox procedure, I assumed that Botox would remove all wrinkles on my face. Alas! I was wrong because Botox couldn’t erase the wrinkles. It is worthwhile to understand that Botox works more for preventing wrinkles than erasing them. This substance will freeze facial muscles so that wrinkles and fine lines don’t form in the first place.

Nevertheless, if you already have wrinkles, you can still use Botox to reduce their appearances.

2. The procedure hurts a bit for some periods

Another fact I wish I had known before getting Botox is the pain involved in the procedure. Let’s face it; Botox is not painless. Hence, you should look forward to experiencing a little pain as well as some tingling sensations in the treatment areas. Also, the pain and sensation may last for some minutes or even hours.

However, the pain is not usually too much. So, this shouldn’t stop you from getting Botox if you need it.

3. Botox will restrict the things you can do for a while

When going for my Botox appointment, I thought I could return to my day-to-day activities immediately after the treatment. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case as I had to stop doing certain things for a while.

After getting Botox, you will have to avoid lying down and exercising for at least six hours. Similarly, you must not take ibuprofen or receive a hot steamy bath for the next few hours. If you don’t observe these restrictions, the treatment sites may experience more bruising. Also, the result may not last for the expected period.

4. The result is not permanent

Perhaps you have been hearing about how great Botox is for treating certain conditions. However, one thing you might not have heard is that the result is only temporary. Generally, you can expect Botox injections to last for about 3 to 4 months. However, you may enjoy the results of some particular high-quality products for up to 6 months.

5. Botox is not immoral

Of course, many religious folks consider excessive physical aesthetics and cosmetic procedures to be immoral. I also felt this way at the beginning before finally succumbing to my need for Botox. Nonetheless, you should understand that it is natural to want to look more attractive. Therefore, it is not immoral to get Botox. So, if you think you need to get Botox, don’t hesitate to go for it.

In a nutshell, you should take note of these 5 vital facts before getting Botox injections.