Buying a home, qualifies for many as their biggest purchase in a lifeitme. Here are some of the biggest regrets people in North America reported when it came to buying a property.

1. Rushing their decision and not buying a bigger home.

People reported that their number one regret is not buying a bigger home. Although, there are many tiny but efficient homes out there, North Americans still seem to want square footage. Check out this tiny home below:

2. People in large cities reported that their biggest regret is taking too long to make a decision.

Almost 30% of homeowners reported that they regret taking too long to decide. Why? Most of them lost out on the first property they wanted because they were indecisive.

3. Renters have regrets too

41% of people renting in North America reported regrets about not buying a home. However, most of them said that they could not afford a property in this market, some of them with a family income of over $100.000.