It’s one thing to do street art, it is another thing altogether to use existing elements to complement street art. Below you’ll find some creative street art that will blow you away.

Magneto twisting the metal

Existing pipes are made to appear as if Magneto, Marvel super villain, is using his mutant powers to twist them around.


Bruce Lee Super Kick

This bent metal frame doesn’t stand a chance vs Bruce Lee’s flying kick.


Ant-Man vs Yellow Jacket

Their famous battle from the Marvel movie is taken to the streets. This is definitely a genius way of using the leaning pole to create art.


Oh no, Pikachu!

Using the existing tire skid mark to show Pikachu as road kill.


Must have had a rough night

Using the already artistic looking water drain to appear like someone is throwing up was pure genius!


Hammer to the head

In this picture we see the existing dirty wall used to appear like blood splatter from a shot to the head.


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Gogo with her meteor hammer

Gogo Yubari, a fictional character from Kill Bill, is best known for her school girl outfit and her ball-and-chain style weapon. An existing chain is used to add depth to this street art.


Alien on the street

Now this next piece doesn’t necessarily use existing elements to fit the art, but the detail on the shadowing make this alien almost seem 3D!


Retro style robot

This artist cleverly used existing metal boxes and meters to make a robot.


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