Good eyewear becomes essential to you when photographers and camera flashes follow your every move.

People that know a thing or two about good eyewear are the celebs. You sure need a famous face to match or mimic their style, which means you need a new pair of celeb-worthy shades – the type of sunshades you can rock all season long.

Whether you’re glam like Rihanna or a minimalist like Shay Mitchell, if you are looking for a pair of trend-right shades that will complement your face there’s a fit for you and its just some words away as the A-listers below will point you in the right direction.

1.    Kendall Jenner – Celine Black sunglasses

Kendall Jenner was spotted while on vacation to Paris, and she was seen wearing a gold puffer jacket and sleek black pants and she then compliment things with a pair of dark sunglasses to avoid attracting crowds.

Kendall wears Celine frames with a subtle cat-eye design to pull off a look that was perfect during her time in the city. This sleek Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S helped her achieve anonymous visit to one of the world’s fashion capitals.

2.    Bella Hadid – Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

Bella Hadid is probably one of the hottest celebs on the fashion scene presently.

This rising star was spotted looking stylish wearing a Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S. The model appeared to be in the city for wintertime as she wore a leather jacket and she later hid her famous eyes behind her favorite pair of Celine cat-eye sunglasses.

Bella has been seen wearing this type of shades frequently over the year and it has helped her roam the streets of Paris.

3.    Kourtney Kardashian – Fendi 0215/S

Kourtney Kardashian shared a video on Instagram in December, and she successfully showed the world how Hollywood royalty does it wearing Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses.

Kourtney Kardashian was seen driving a classic car outside their famous mother’s home with her sister Kendall Jenner both dressed in matching fluffy white coats.

Kourtney was seen wearing stunning Fendi cat-eye glasses with frames in a deliciously decadent red shade. These Fendi frames that have been approving by Kourtney are sure to become what every fashionable lady like you is looking for.

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4.    Beyoncé – Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447

Is there any other thing more fashionable to help Beyonce rock her blouse that costs $1,400 than a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 when she visits an exclusive eatery in Malibu?

She paired her blouse with a very masculine pair of sunglasses that solidified this singing sensation is at the top of her game when it comes to fashion.

5.    Hillary Duff – Dior Wildly Sunglasses

Hillary Duff was seen grabbing coffee in Studio City, CA while showing off a knit sweater and sleek black skirt.

Of course, what makes this outfit spectacular was Hillary’s choice of Dior Wildly sunglasses by Christian Dior and these fun, attention-grabbing sunglasses are what you should surely consider.

The bottom line is this, just as we need air to breathe, while there are celebrities there will be a market for designer sunglasses.