Escape rooms are also known as escape games which are physical adventure games. Basically, you are trapped in a room until you solve certain puzzles which will allow you to exit. You can choose various themes for your escape room such as Wild West, Egyptian tombs, Harry Potter challenges, murder mysteries and so on. Each room, along with its puzzle is specifically designed to capture the true feeling of the chosen theme.

Escape rooms are the newest form of group entertainment. They have become so popular that you can find escape rooms all around the world including Macedonia, Alaska and Dubai. If you haven’t heard of them or experienced one, then here are some reasons why escape rooms have attracted so much interest around the world.

1. Teamwork

Escape rooms don’t involve competitiveness. That’s why they are great for team building and strengthening human connections. While participating in an escape room, you put your ego aside and work on solving the riddles alongside your teammates. When people work for the same goal, they forget social roles and enjoy their time while being on the same level as others. Because of this, a lot of businesses choose escape rooms for their corporate team building events.

2. Unique Experience

You can socialize with others by going on hikes, parties, dancing lessons or playing poker, but none of those will provide the experience you’ll get by being in an escape room. With solving these creative puzzles, you get a unique adrenaline rush. You cannot get bored in an escape room because it shifts your perspective. Escape rooms do this with putting people in unknown environments filled with special effects and extremely fun riddles. The amazement and fun never stop as you feel like being on a movie set or in some exciting thriller story.

3. Imagination

Escape rooms bring back and strengthen your imagination. They take you out of reality and put you on a glowing Pirate ship that vibrates if you guess the puzzle wrong. With participating in escape rooms, you feel like a character from a James Bond movie and you get to live your wildest childhood dreams. They are also a great way of showing that literally everything is possible and reachable.

You may not have your own private detective agency in real life, but you can solve a murder mystery in an escape room. Allow yourself to dream again. For instance, imagine you and your family in an escape room. Then imagine how you solve the main riddle and finding everybody’s way out. You will definitely get your own best mom/dad of the year coffee mug.