The consequences of difficult winters are washed away by the last spring rain and after it passes the sky is cleared of heavy clouds and a path is made for joyous and lightheaded summer days. Besides bringing happiness, summer also brings business to contractors. Rain and cool air cannot get in the way of home repair anymore and that is exactly why homeowners decide to them in the summer.

Starting your renovations at the beginning of summer even on the first day if possible is highly recommended and practical. As we get into the height of summer, contractors get more and more occupied with home renovation projects and some may even increase their price. Early summer upgrades are especially advised if they require a long time for finishing.

Here are the best smart summer home upgrades for the summer of 2019:

Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are the ones that stick the most. Having a house with an amazing interior won’t matter that much if your outside walls are falling off and if your garden looks like an old witch’s nest. Homebuyers always put more focus on the exterior and that is why curb appeal increases home value and is one of the hottest investment returns. Here are the most popular curb appeal upgrades:

Greenery – If you have a garden, why not make it look like paradise? Spending time in the backyard is good for your health, the environment and for a home’s value. You can tidy it up by planting trees and flowers or adding decorations, windows boxes, and garden benches.
Deck Upgrades – Having sunlight brighten up your deck can give you many ideas for a deck upgrade. Installing wooden flooring is an investment return of 75%. But you can also go with stone, tile, laminate or even vinyl. Adding impressive, modern furniture or kitchen appliances in the mix also helps.
Repainting Projects – All of us need a refreshment now and then, and guess what? Our homes need them as well. Repainting windows, doors and walls has a larger success rate in the summer as the paint dries up faster and natural sunshine reveals true colors.
Refreshment Projects – Replacing old parts such as windows, doors, fences, pipes and rotten flowers means good feng-shui and also good curb appeal. Try to style-up your shutters, windows and doors. Patio door replacement is very popular these days as new and more practical models have flooded the market.
Safety Upgrades – The best ways to increase safety and curb appeal at the same time is by installing gates and garden fences. Adding solar or motion activated garden lights will surely seal the deal for homebuyers on open-house days.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Making energy efficient upgrades in the least vulnerable weather conditions is very beneficial as you get more time for adjusting and can save up on some money (some upgrades cost less in the summer) Nonetheless, in the summer electrical bills are still threatened by poor energy efficiency in homes. Summer days require increased HVAC usage and if your windows are old or poorly installed, all of that air can easily get away from your home and you’ll need to turn on the HVAC more frequently. Here is what you should do:

Air Duct Cleaning – Besides energy efficiency, this will also ensure you the best air quality in your home and it will also improve your health as unclean air ducts cause mold growth and pesticide infestations, therefore, allergies, asthma attacks, and poor health.
Window Replacement – Poor quality windows have insufficient insulation and do not protect your health, furniture, and home from hazardous UV rays. Triple pane Low-E glass on a window along with vinyl frames will surely remove energy efficiency on your must-improve list.
Smart Thermostat – The smartest way to upgrade your home is by following the latest trends on home functionality. A smart thermostat offers many benefits and one of them is reduced energy bills. They cost from $100-$250 dollars which is nothing compared to the amount of money saved. (Wi-fi thermostats, connected with a homeowner’s smartphone reduce up to 15% of electrical bills)
Door Replacement – The rules for windows apply for doors as well. An old wooden door can cost homes much more than one would expect as it can become a snack for pesticide and a threat to energy efficiency.