As spring breezes start disappearing, summer sunshine will slowly take their place and give us warmer and more pleasant mornings. But besides joy and beach visits, summer also brings hazardous UV rays. So when choosing the right sunglasses for 2019, consider purchasing from the best brands which always ensure high-quality aesthetics and protection. Also, you should get your eyes checked from your local optometrist, to get a proper consultation on your eyes’ health.

5. Valentino

If watching the Oscars or any other celebration, the most common name you will be hearing is Valentino. A fashion brand found by Valentino Garavani in 1960, Valentino is famous for dressing movie starts and important public figures like Jackie Kennedy. Elizabeth Tailor, Anne Hathaway and the princess of Sweden even decided to wear this brand on their wedding day. In 2017 a new sunglass line was published and soon after people started craving for it, keeping the top 5 spots even 2 years after.

4. Celine

A brand created in 1945 in the heart of Paris, Celine always offers fashion enthusiasts with authentic luxurious designs. After the deaths of the two founders – Celine and her husband Richard, the brand started to decline. In the ’90s Michael Kors was hired as creative director and elevated Celine to the top of fashion industry. Today, their new butterfly sunglasses give femininity a new edge, paying homage both to elegance and strength.

3. Chanel

Coco Chanel managed to make a worldwide luxurious fashion brand out of nothing. Her strong and creative spirit has been widely acknowledged and the top designers working at Chanel today continue to incorporate Coco’s personality in the designs: camellias. Coco fell in love with this type of flower when a lover gave it to her as a gift. So the best way to celebrate female empowerment and gentleness at the same time is by greeting the summer rays with Chanel sunglass bling.

2. Tom Ford

From a university drop-out to saving Gucci from bankruptcy. Tom Ford was born in a Texas family of realtors and he has always brought rebellious and avant-garde thought to the art scene. In 2004, he created his own brand which today is one of the most cherished ones in the fashion industry. Tom Ford always brings new ideas and concepts and he will continue to do so in 2019, so stay up to date and go check his unique sunglass designs.

1. Cartier

The definition of sunglass luxury is brand Cartier. Their prices vary from $500 to $2000, but have in mind that you won’t be paying for a regular type of sunglasses and Cartiers have a long history of rich craftsmanship and high-quality designs. Some glasses even have pieces of gold incorporated into the design. Cartier never disappoints and in 2019 we only expect better and jaw-dropping eyewear.