Noticed that your employees are looking exhausted and dissatisfied? Or you are working from home and motivation hasn’t passed by recently? Well, first you must look at the office and objectively see whether it is comfortable and pleasant.

Tons of research shows how the working environment has a big impact on productivity and creativity. So before you also start feeling sad, do not worry, we present to you 3 extremely affordable ways for improving your office space:

Colors & Light

If you Google search “the best office spaces”, you will find bright and colourful offices filled with happy workers and artwork. So ask yourself: Do I have enough colours and light at work? Don’t worry if you don’t since this is the cheapest upgrade one can do for improving an office space.

Purchasing artwork or hanging up paintings your employees have made is the first step. Next, you should repaint everything and follow colour psychology while you do so (there is a list below). Third, change the colours of furniture and amenities. Instead of black chairs and grey tables, purchase ones with patterns and colours. And while you do so, also remember these rules from colour psychology:


This colour awakens a feeling of safety. And when we feel safe, we feel balanced, resulting in more confidence and relaxation. Green works great in a dynamic business where long, hard working hours are a regular thing.


The colour of passion and lust, it is scientifically proven that red increases blood flow and pressure. This is a kind of energy boost, improving efficiency and enthusiasm. Usually red is put in business which is more dependent on manual work.


The colour of the sea, blue always induces calmness. And when people are calm, they can focus on important matters. This is why this colour is commonly found in accounting and finance firms. If your employees have difficulty focusing, purchase bluish wallpapers and put them near or in front of desks.


If you have a creative department in your company, make their office space swimming in orange & yellow. These colours inspire and awaken creativity. They also induce feelings of optimism – the key to improving every type of creative work.

Comfort & Greenery

We discussed how the colour green positively impacts our mental states. But instead of repainting the walls, what about adding some plants and greenery in the office. Everybody loves nature and when working 8 hours a day in an enclosed space, people lose touch with their roots – natural life.

Oxygen levels are also important for comfort and productivity and we all know that plants release oxygen in the air. There are even some which purify the air and improve its quality such as bamboo, lady palm, rubber plant, and dracaena.

When we already mentioned comfort, you must adapt to the working environment to the basic needs of workers. Everybody needs to relax so adding comfortable couches and quiet-zones will surely improve efficiency and productivity.

Snacks & Coffee

And in these relaxation zones, do not forget to put snacks and coffee. When employees have access to tons of interesting snacks and drinks, they are much more enthusiastic about the workplace. If you don’t believe me, try to imagine it on your own skin. What if the place you worked at had daily doughnuts, drinks, and organic salads? Sounds nice, right?

When we receive such gifts, even if they are snacks, we feel appreciated. Even though some are small, each kind gesture is a form of appreciation and respect. Having snacks & coffee at the workplace induces a feeling of home and creates a more positive environment for the employees.