It’s always great to spice things up in a relationship. Tons of statistics show how shifting from your daily routines is very beneficial for maintaining a healthy connection. So here are some great ideas for a unique and unforgettable date night:

1. Be Tourists

Living in the same city for years can become pretty boring. An amazing way to change your perspective is by looking your hometown through the eyes of a tourist. So take your loved one by the hand, get some foreign language dictionaries and go out there acting like tourists.

Remember that tourists visit museums, art galleries, concerts and monuments. And if you have lived in the same city for years, you probably have forgotten all about them. But visiting a museum or taking funny pictures with monuments will shed new light on your daily life. You will also learn new things about your partner such as interests, childhood memories and personal dreams

2. A Classics Dinner

Whatever technological advancements bring to this world, a date at an Italian restaurant will never go out of fashion. Sometimes the best date night is going classical and following traditions which exist for centuries. You can even make a ritual out of this and each week/month visit a different restaurant.

In April dine at a Thai place, in May try hummus and in June have a short glimpse at Italy, by trying the modern versions of traditional dishes. But why are restaurants always good for dates? Well because there isn’t anything more intimate than being across each other and sharing some shy gazes while having a delicious meal amongst strangers.

3. Fun & Party

Unfortunately, it often happens. Becoming bored in a relationship is totally normal and when this happens, it’s your actions that determine the future. So if you start to lose conversational topics and witness a few sighs of boredom, grab your partner and go partying.

When someone says party, everybody imagines a modern club with techno music, but there are tons of ways you can have fun. If you are a vintage type of couple, going to a jazz club or a costume party will definitely break your routine. You can check for concerts nearby and go listen to your favourite band.

4. Awake The Beasts

In the past, relationships were all about conventions and tradition. Oddly enough, this has passed on to future generations, even reaching the 21st century. This is why regularly awakening your inner breast is of utmost importance for maintaining a healthy and interesting relationship.

Everybody has a different type of beast. Some like to go rock climbing, some want to try every type of beer in town or play dress up in thrift shops. So take your loved one by the hand once more and learn their inner spirit. If you have to, take a road trip, find a great green field and run on it until your feet hurt. Keep things real, honest and interesting!

5. Try Something New

As we mentioned, trying new things makes relationships last longer. So besides trying every beer in town, you can also take lessons, solve puzzles at an escape room or make DIY crafts at home. Some couples even decide to renovate whole rooms just to keep that sparkle in the relationship.

Find a common interest and indulge it. A dancing lesson always helps, but spice things up a bit more and make it a pole dancing one. Whatever you choose, keep track of your interests and do not compromise your inner desires. Learn something that really interests both of you, this way you will share a much deeper connection.