Ottawa is known to have the most number of shawarma eateries as compared to anywhere in Canada. It’s not only Canada’s capital – it’s ‘Shawarma’ capital too!! In this blog, we have picked up our best shawarma outlets for you!

Here are the top 5 best shawarma in Ottawa:

1. Osmow’s

347 Dalhousie Street

Osmow’s has over 50 locations in Ontario with their Ottawa location located on Dalhousie Street. It is a fast casual restaurant giving customers the luxury of customizing their preferences. Osmow’s is known to have the best shawarma in town! 

Here’s a review of Osmow’s:

“Amazing food and lots of variety to choose from on the menu. Will be going back often for sure to enjoy the great food and service too!!”

2. Shawarma Express

119 Slater Street

Shawarma Express is the place where you can get delicious and affordable shawarmas! This spot is known for its sandwiches and their specialty – Shawarma platters. Moreover, there are tons of vegetarian options like Falafel and Veggie shawarma platters.   

Here’s a review of Shawarma Express:

“This place was very good. I had the chicken platter. The chicken was very tasty and the hummus and garlic sauce were great. The salad was very good(fresh veggies), but the pita was microwaved so it was kinda tough and I didn’t finish it. Overall good spot.”

3. Mango’s

2682 Alta Vista Dr. & 1020 St. Laurent Blvd.

With 2 locations in the city, Mango’s has been serving mouth-watering shawarmas for over 20 years! Mango’s spots are located at St. Laurent Blvd. and one on the Alta Vista Drive.

Here’s a review of Mango’s:

“This is my favorite spot for shawarma, fried chicken and they make some amazing smoothies with real fruit.  Open late, and the guys are all really nice if you take some time to chat with them. Over the years I have become friends with them, and I have always found the food to be fresh, delicious and clean.  Highly recommended!”

4. Brothers Shawarma & Poutine

3 Brothers Shawarma is always there when you are craving for high-quality shawarmas at lower prices. 3 Brothers is a fusion of Canadian-Lebanese food and popular for the amazing poutine they serve. 

Here’s a review of 3 Brother’s Shawarma:

“Only had the shawarma but it was pretty awesome. Very delicious and flavorful. Would definitely get it again. Staff was pleasant and the price was right as well.”

5. Shawarma Chef

2012 Tenth Line Rd.

Shawarma Chef is located on the tenth line road and is also known as one of the top shawarma spots in Ottawa. They have 6 different platters, various pita sandwiches and a lot of side dishes.

Here’s a review of Shawarma Chef:

“Fresh, Healthy and Delicious home made food. A family establishment that is always warm and welcoming. Drive from the south of the city for their food. Best shawarma place in the city. This is a must try.”