Air pollution is on the rise. Lung diseases and asthma attacks are becoming more common. The least you can do to protect yourself is to purify the air inside your home. If neglected, interior air quality can become worse than the one outside.

To give you a good start, we made a list of 5 clever and extremely effective ways of refreshing the air inside your household:

Remove Mold From Windows

With time, a certain type of fungus also known as mold can start to build up in various areas around your home. You could find it in attics, basements, behind walls, and even on window frames. Its ideal nesting place is a wet and neglected area.

When left unaddressed, this fungus will spread out throughout your entire house. The usual consequences of mold growth in interiors are asthma attacks and allergies. If you have mold in or around your windows, seriously consider doing replacement windows and basement renovations.

Decorate With House Plants

Some experts strongly advise against putting plants inside. At the end of the day, during photosynthesis, they still release carbon dioxide in the air. However, other experts highlight the difference between various plants.

This second group of scientists has discovered certain houseplants that actually purify your air and are very beneficial for your respiratory health. Here is which ones you should consider:

  • English Ivy
  • Aloe Vera
  • Bamboo
  • Lady or Red Palm
  • Rubber Plant
  • Dragon tree (Red-Edged Dracaena)

Clean the HVAC & Ducts

When we already mentioned mold growth, one cannot but think of HVAC’s and air ducts. The key to having good indoor air quality is to have clean vents and ducts. As time passes by, these passages can get filled with dust, pesticides, and mold.

HVAC maintenance is important. Professional cleanings should be done once a year. However, you could should at least rinse them with water every 2-3 months. This applies especially before extreme weather conditions start such as at the end of spring or autumn.

Install Ceiling Fans

For your air to get fully purified, you need it to properly circulate. Ventilation is very important for air quality. That’s why homeowners are deciding to install new windows such as skylights and casements. But, beside replacement windows, you could also try some other techniques.

Yes, we do mean ceiling fans! An extremely affordable option that offers amazing energy efficiency improvement rates, ceiling fans will definitely start circulating that old and dusty air. The variety of styles they come in makes them ideal decorative pieces as well.

Essential Oils & Candles

When you finish doing the more intense projects such as duct-cleaning, sit down and relax with some essential oils, beeswax candles, charcoal, and salt lamps. Besides improving aesthetics and the smell inside, these 4 things also detox and purify the air.

Their influence is so tough, that they literally destroy any potential breeding spot for bacteria and mold growth. However, don’t rely solely on their powers since they have certain limitations. For instance, they only get rid of smaller hazardous particles.

This makes them ideal for preventing mold and bacteria, but not as recommended in homes with already established breeding spots. To fully get rid of your air-contaminators, you must undertake larger projects and actions.