Buying a car can be tons of fun and at the same time very stressful. Many people, when car shopping are worried that they are not getting the best deal possible or that they will end up buying features that they do not necessarily need.  Here are some tactics to help you sharpen your negotiating skills when buying a car.

Do your Research

There is a lot of data on the internet regarding new and used car pricing. Be sure to prepare before walking into the dealership. It is important to know what pricing option comes with what features and the details of leasing and financing. Many people walk into a dealership wanting to pay a certain monthly fee for the vehicle they want. Car sales people are crafty enough to somehow get to that price by extending the term of the lease, amortizing financing over a longer period of time or reducing the allowed kilometers on a leased vehicle. Be sure to pay attention to all those details.

Never Buy on the Spot

It is important for the car sales person to know that you are not emotionally attached to that vehicle and that you “don’t have to have” this car/model. Get the details of the offer, go home and ensure that it is what you wanted. Once details are received ensure that you follow up on the last or second last day of the month. You will get a sense for whether or not the car sales person needs to hit a monthly target by how aggressively they want you back in. If they are nonchalant about it, then they have probably achieved their target and are less likely to give you a better price. Another good time to call is an hour before closing on a Saturday.

Don’t Negotiate

You have done your research, you know what you want to pay. Give the sales person the price you want to pay and tell them that you will buy today if they can get it down to that price.