If you have been smoking cannabis long enough, you may have realized there are times when you just don’t feel it. The effect may become diminished or feel less potent.

Well, you don’t need to worry. We are going to give you a few tips to enhance the high. This should help ensure your vaping comes along as you would expect.

The first thing is to get everything ready. Have your weed, some nice snacks and of course a bottle of fresh water with you. Find your smoking zone; somewhere you can be comfortable enough. If after all this you still feel you are not getting the effect, consider the following tips:

1. Check your quality

Not every strain you get on the market will have the same effect. You need to know exactly where you source yours from.  A dispensary or cannabis plant would be a great idea.

Understandably, you may be in a place with limited options. Even so, you still need to know the name of what you have received.

2. Consider how you store your cannabis

Many people don’t care how they store their weed once they get home. Some containers like plastic or baggy items can spoil the potency of the herbs.

Use plastic or steel jars. There is a risk of electric charge conduction from plastic which can fry the THC-rich trichomes. This makes them seem like any other herbs.

Keep it in a cool dark place.  You want them as fresh as possible no matter how long they last.

3. Have some control

How much do you smoke per day? You may be carrying the best stash, yet fail to get the best returns.

We all know too much of anything is not good. The same applies here. It is like diluting your taste with too much smoking, which generally spoils the treat.

Consider changing how you use it. If you smoke from morning to evening, consider doing it in the morning then skipping the evening. Your brain might catch up.

4. Use terpenes

Anyone who smokes cannabis should care about terpenes.  It is an organic compound used to enhance the “high’ of a smoker.

There are terpenes for sale on a large scale today. Even the internet is full of the store offering the substance to willing buyers. It is an aromatic organic hydrocarbon present in many plants and a few insects.

Cannabis is naturally filled with high levels of terpenes. It is one of the main components of the herb. They are found in high concentration in the bud of cannabis.

Terpenes can directly contribute to the effect of cannabis, increasing your high. They give cannabis its natural flavor, and they have medical benefits.

5. Check your diet

Several foods compliment marijuana. For instance, a cup of black tea, filled with catechin that combines with CB1 receptors, can be a real deal. It brings out the effects of cannabinoids properly. Dark chocolate can help as well.

There are several other methods of increasing the intensity of your ‘high’ with cannabis. Try out these ideas, and you will be contented always.