Selling your home is not only about the location of your place and the dimensions of the property. In most situations, first impressions are the ones that convince a potential buyer that home is a great solution. 

Still, to make a great first impression, you should first know the main turn-offs for potential home buyers. Avoiding those will increase your chances of selling your home faster and at a higher rate. Let’s see what prospective buyers and real estate agent avoid and how to fix it.

Cluttered interiors

Clutter is both distracting for a prospective buyer and a clear sign that your home might lack adequate storage options. So, if you want to increase your property’s value, you should remove all unnecessary clutter. Keeping the interior as minimalist as possible will allow potential buyers to imagine how life would be living in your house. Also, a cluttered interior might make your home appear smaller than it actually is.

Odd smells

A frequent mistake amongst home sellers is presenting a house that is filled with distinct odors. Pet smells, cigarettes, or pungent odors can make a buyer avoid a property. So, before you start showing your property to prospective buyers, you should thoroughly clean the interior. Open your windowpanes to fan out your home and make sure there is nothing unpleasant lying around.

Tend to your garden

If your home has a garden, you should pay extra attention to it. A significant turn off for potential homebuyers is a wild garden. An overgrown exterior might transmit that you didn’t actually care about your home’s maintenance issues. This will make the buyers mistakenly believe there might be hidden problems in your home. Thus, for a great first impression, you should make sure your garden is adequately cared for and appears inviting to prospecting buyers.

Allow natural light to enter your home

Research shows that a determinant factor in the buying process of a house is related to the amount of natural daylight a home gets. So, a poorly lit home can be a significant turn off for potential buyers. To address this issue, you should add some warm lighting solutions, while you should make sure your windows are correctly clean and unobstructed. Making sure the interior is well lit will boost the appearance of your interior. Also, make sure the curtains are open and don’t obstruct the natural light. 

Keep your interior as simple as possible

Another turn off for potential buyers is an outdated décor. Bold colors or intriguing patterns can make prospective buyers overlook your property. It is best to choose a neutral tone when decorating your interior. Also, remove any outdated carpets or curtains, while personal belongings such as photographs should not be present in your home. The intent is to make your home as minimalist as possible and to allow the buyer to quickly asses your property.

Of course, when preparing your home for a viewing, you should make sure everything is clean, while your pets are not present. Some buyers might find it tedious to observe a home while your furry friend wanders around.