Corporate team building events are essential if you want to create a better relationship amongst your employees. Employees are the heart of every company so investing in team-building events will help to enhance their roles and connections. 

No matter how big or small your business is, if you have hundreds or 5 employees, your company will be more productive when your team is happy. There are so many fun corporate team building activities and outings everyone will enjoy. You can choose from laser tag, escape rooms, laser trivia, cooking class, go-kart racing, and many more. 

Here are the 5 corporate team building events:

Blind Drawing

The focus of this event is to assess and build employees’ interpretation and communication. The team will be grouped into two, and the two groups will sit back-to-back. A group will be given a picture or photograph while the other group will be given a pen and paper. The first group will describe the picture to the other group while the other group will draw the image being described to them. There is always a duration for the image to be drawn.

Jigsaw Puzzles Race

Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the most popular problem-solving challenges. Introduce Jigsaw Puzzle to your employees. Divide them into groups for the multi-purpose race. Give each group a copy of the same jigsaw puzzle. Let the group’s start putting the jigsaw puzzle together and see which group will finish solving the puzzle first. You only have to ensure that each team has the same number of people. Be considerate in choosing the number of pieces of puzzle considering the number of employees to take part.

Development Workshop

Give your employees the privilege of learning and improving their career by providing them with a professional development workshop in the office or elsewhere. Make sure that the workshop relates to their jobs or something that will enhance their performance.

The Egg Drop Challenge

This is an engaging corporate team building event that gets everyone on the team to work. It involves providing the different groups with an egg and supplies to wrap or package it such that when it is dropped from a predetermined height; it will not break. Some of the supplies needed include rubber band, newspaper, straws, tape, pencils, plastic utensils, and packing material. Prepare an extra supply of egg as some may break during construction.

The Mine Field

You need an open space for this game. You can use a car park for this event. It requires you to place objects like bottles, balls, cones, etc. sporadically all over the space. Then, ask the employees to pair up. One person from each pair will wear a blindfold while the other person will lead their blindfolded mates from one part of the space to the other without stepping on the objects. They lead them through verbal instructions, but the blinded teammate must not speak. To add fun to the activity, you can create a path they must follow. The event will build trust, clear communication, and effective listening.