Since its arrival in our part of the world, pasta has left its mark in several hearts –and shirts, sometimes –that loving it can’t be helped. Originating from Italy, it is no wonder that Italians have perfected the art of creating mouthwatering pasta recipes that leave you pining for more after the last bite. Need proof of this? 

Count your repeated visits to Italian restaurants! Like a good old friend, it is always incredibly nostalgic to crave pasta but attempting to make it doesn’t always end well. Creating that savory, tasty sensation seems deeply rooted in Italian culture but you can get something close on your own! 

Are you a regular at restaurants that serve excellent pasta, or you simply want to impress someone with a plate of homemade goodness? Check out these five ways to make pasta taste as it does in a restaurant! 


Let the water boil 

A very simple trick that can help you get your pasta to look and taste like restaurant quality, is to let the water boil. Yes, it is that simple. Don’t just throw in the spaghetti to boil alongside the room temperature water, let the water come to a bubbling boil before you put the spaghetti in. This helps you avoid getting sticky or overly soft pasta. 


Drain the pasta

Since the water you are using is already boiled, it will take less time to cook the pasta. Be sure to drain it, no matter the recipe you are using to cook, so that excess moisture can leave and you’ll have a nice batch to work with. 


Save the water 

It is best to save the water used in boiling the pasta. It works as an excellent thickening base for your sauce to simmer in. 


Use fresh spices and vegetables 

This cannot be overemphasized. Using the right types of spices and vegetables is very important and can be the perfect completion to a tasty bowl of pasta like they serve in your favorite restaurant! 


Finish cooking in the sauce

Last but definitely not the least, completing the cooking of your pasta in the sauce is a sure way of getting your pasta to taste as savory as the delicious servings you get in restaurants. After draining the pasta, and making the sauce, you can finish cooking the pasta in the sauce by letting it simmer for a little bit to allow the sauce mix perfectly with the pasta itself! 

Everyone has their go-to meal to show off culinary skills, and pasta can be yours! Be adventurous, be spontaneous and be passionate, the food will tell!