The answer? You’ll find out soon. First, let’s find out what exactly Terpenes are. These are simply naturally occurring chemicals that are found in certain plants and insects. An easy way to understand the nature of Terpenes is the fact that they are found in plants with a ‘citrus’ smell, which explains their usage in several new-age products. Also, their addition to CBD products as enhanced their classification as natural stimulants like Marijuana, and sales of CBD products has further promoted the availability of terpenes for sale

Now that the subject has been established, can the consumption of terpenes affect health? As an increasingly popular new-age natural substance, the production of Terpenes for sole sale and/or to add flavour to CBD products has had a notable impact on the consumption of Terpenes. While it is mostly consumed using an e-cigarette to inhale the terpene-flavoured vapour, popular known as vaping, there is a vast range of possible health issues that may arise as a result of the intake of gas. Still on this point, however, is the argument that Terpenes are essential oils with an enticing aroma, which are extracted from plants, and just as research has shown, it is nearly impossible for one to overdose on a natural substance. Therefore, the danger of overdosing is ruled out in the consumption of Terpenes and if there is no possibility of overdose, the risk of death as a result of Terpene consumption may also be nonexistent.

Another argument for the natural state of extracted Terpene oils is the fact that they reportedly provide a more exotic stimulatory experience for the user (consumer). This occurs when Terpene oils are used in the making of CBD products. Regardless of how much of an experience it may be for some consumers, there are others who state that Terpene vaping doesn’t get them to the state of ‘highness’, resulting in two diverse narratives. Albeit, a common conclusion can be obtained from these two opposing experiences. Terpene consumption is in no way affiliated with the compulsive destructive behaviour of an individual consumer, neurotic influence inclusive.

The difference in plantation and grooming process of the plants from which Terpenes are extracted also creates an off-balance in determining the chemical content of each terpene extract. However, research posits that it is largely safe for consumption in pastries and food, vaping and other forms. This is based on the fact that Terpenes, without the excessive inclusion of CBD products, have a lasting effect on the body’s chemical, neurological and physiological functioning.

The final answer to the question?

Terpenes ARE actually safe to consume.

However, consumption must be in moderation because it is best to maintain control over your mind and body at all times. If you are interested in trying out Terpenes, they are available for sale.