There are several ways to get a team fired up to become productive but not all have lasting results. Team building is essential to effective work because all members have vital roles and as such, the work suffers if one person doesn’t have the will to do their part. There is a practical way of improving teamwork, achieving individual mobilization and still ensuring massive productivity with team building, Escape Rooms.

Sure, it may seem like the typical date night or hang out with friends, but Escape Rooms also have a great effect on team building.

Here are a few reasons why an escape room is the perfect team-building activity!

1. Communication

Escape rooms have several puzzles and in solving each, the team members have to speak with one another constantly. This communication fosters some familiarity among the team members which would encourage them to communicate their needs, challenges and problems regarding the professional work. However, over-communication can be seen as an annoyance to other members of the friendship, as well as a sign of unwillingness to work with others, so you.

2. Drive

In solving something within a limited period of time, adrenaline is released and it makes the activity enjoyable. Team members become actively involved in the solution process and that on its own helps to promote team building. While everyone would be doing their work in different spheres, the common goal is a drive they should have and by visiting an escape room, that togetherness drive is present.

3. Teamwork

The escape room puzzles can be really tasking which would require a lot of teamwork to solve. In so doing, the individual members learn to work better with each other. The puzzles in an escape room take on different forms and capacities, some of which may require a lot of teamwork to figure out. This helps to develop team-building attributes in the members.

4. Individual capabilities

While teamwork is important for escape room games, it is also crucial to identify individual strengths and optimize them. As team members, the roles may differ but that shouldn’t undermine any role. With escape room games, every individual’s ability is put to use for the common goal.

5. Accountability

Solving escape room games are fun, as long as all members are actively trying. Being accountable for certain actions is what can help you to escape the escape room as a team. This fostered accountability can be transmitted into their professional relationship as a team.

Team Building doesn’t have to be a corporate, overly formal activity. Spending some time in the escape room gives the members time to blend and effectively increase work and profit!