If you have ever had to deal with a flood in your home, you know how painful the process is. You first need a water restoration/cleanup company, then you need to call insurance and finally detect the source of the flood and fix the root cause by taking different measures such as basement waterproofing. This can get quite costly, so detecting leaks early can help save a lot of headaches, time, and money. Here are five apps that will help you detect leaks before the damage becomes severe. 

1. LeakSmart

This product is a smart flood protector system that detects leaks. It shuts off the water supply in your home remotely and within a few seconds. It has its own app that helps you shut off your main water valve remotely. 

2. Zircon Leak alert

This is essentially a smart water detector that does not require a hub. Each sensor operates independently of the rest and can be assigned a custom name for the purpose of simplifying recognition. Anytime a leak is detected, the sensor can sound, flash and send an email. This all happens through Wi-Fi. 

3. Smartika Signal

This water leak detector connects to the smartika hub and is compatible with Amazon Alexa. If it detects a leak it will notify your smartphone as well as make a sound. The sensor does not require a hub and it can work independently, however it will lose its smart functionality of notifying your smartphone and all it will do is make a noise when a leak is detected. 

4. Ihome Smart water leak sensor. 

This is a fairly inexpensive sensor that can be installed anywhere in the house where there is a potential of leakage or flood. It works independently and it can connect with other Ihome products such as smart plugs in order to automate a process of maybe turning on fans or lights when a leak is detected. 

5. Wasserstein

This is another smart wi-fi water leak detection sensor that comes with its own app and it has the ability to notify you when a leak is detected. It does not require a hub and it requires no installation, simply place it in an area where there is a possibility of leak, such as under a sink, next to a dishwasher or hot water tank.