When it comes to installing a new roof for your existing or new building, one of the biggest factors that will determine the success of the roofing process is the contractor you hire. Furthermore, commercial roofing can be difficult; hence, you must use the services of an experienced and skilled commercial roofing contractor.

As you are preparing for your commercial roofing, these are the crucial things you must look for when hiring a commercial roofing contractor.

License and Permits

Checking out the license and permits of any commercial roofing contractor before hiring them is common sense. The license can let you know whether the contractor has been authorized by the right agency or association to handle commercial roofing in your province, city, or state.

Besides, a roofing contractor needs to get a permit before working on any residential or commercial building. Therefore, ask them if they know what it takes to obtain permits before starting your work. If obtaining a permit is not necessary for your province or state, such a contractor will let you know.


Although a commercial roofing contractor might have a license, the experience will determine whether such a person can truly handle your commercial roofing needs or not. Therefore, take the time to ask questions about the experience of a particular commercial roofing contractor before hiring their service.


Don’t take what a contractor writes on their site or tells you to hook, line and sinker; let them offer you a list of references. The references will give you the contacts of people they have worked for in the past. Indeed, a trustworthy contractor will offer you the references even without asking them. Get in touch with a few of those individuals on the contact list and inquire about the quality of the commercial roofing service of the contractor.

Estimate and payment terms

Although a commercial roofing contractor can provide an unwritten estimate as you talk to them on phone or in person. Such an estimate can lead to a problem. Therefore, make sure you get a written estimate that has the details of the materials, kind of roofing work, total work, required upfront, and estimated deadline for completing the project. Notably, you must understand that the estimate may change slightly during or after the project. However, there must be a justifiable reason for any change.

Also, there should be an agreement on the payment structure for the project. In other words, there must discuss how you will pay for the service.

Insurance and warranty

Be certain that your preferred commercial roofing contractor has the right insurance coverage that can ensure adequate protection against any injuries or damages. Check the insurance policy copies before working with them.

Similarly, take the time to review the warranty coverage of the contractor. Does it cover the materials? Will the contractor assist you to repair any installation problems? These are the important things you must consider when checking the warranty.

Once you rest assured that a commercial roofing contractor ticks all the right boxes, review the contract. If you are satisfied with the contract terms, sign it and let them start offering you commercial roofing solutions.