Custom wooden signs are getting popular across the country because of its usefulness, flexibility, and how easy it is to make. Buying a wooden sign is a great option, however, it takes away the fun of creating your custom wooden sign, which you have creative power over. If you have ever done DIY in your home, we’re sure you’d still have a couple of the required tools needed for creating a wooden sign. However, buying the needed tools is more economical than purchasing a wooden sign, as you can use the excess to create another custom wooden sign. 

In this article, we’ll be providing you with 5 tips on how to make custom wood signs.

1. Create A Unique Wood Sign

What makes a custom wooden sign different is its uniqueness. Nobody creates a custom design of anything that’ll resemble a general product. People should know that your wooden sign is custom. To create a unique wooden sign, first, study existing signs to find a variation. Play with numerous hand-drawn or computer-generated designs. Adobe Photoshop is a great tool. Tip: try mixing different fonts.

2. Paint The board 

Painting is in stages. Paint the edges first, then the top thoroughly. Brown is usually the best choice but since it’s a custom wooden sign, you could use any color of your choice. Be sure that the color of the board is synchronized with that of the text. Make the background darker and the text lighter. 

3. Buy high-quality materials

Wood is of different qualities and types. Purchasing an inferior wood will reduce the value of your wooden sign, notwithstanding the quality of other materials. Also, use a single layer of wood instead of gluing different woods together. This makes it last longer and helps balance the text. 

4. Pallet wood

Pallet wood is durable and the first choice for most people. Since it’s made from oak, a source of hard work, pallet wood is just from one piece of wood and not your usual marriage of several pieces of wood.  

5. Routed border. 

Most wooden signs are squared shaped, so doing something different just makes it custom or unique. A routed border, similar to border-radius in CSS, gives your custom wooden sign a special appearance. To achieve the best-routed border, be sure to use tools like Ogee, Router table, and hand router. 

A custom wooden sign is a unique way of passing a message across to others. Creating something different increases the chances of offers reading the text.