Playing an escape room game can lead to a lot of tension among teammates. The clock is ticking, and sometimes it feels like there is no clue to be found. But before you start arguing with your friends, you should pay close attention to the following common escape room mistakes to avoid. It can help you overcome blockages while making the best out of this experience. So, let’s see next which escape room mistakes you should pay close attention to!

What not to do in an escape room?

Spending quality time with your friends or colleagues can be done with an escape room game. And since we’re here to help you, we shared the five most common escape room mistakes you should avoid!

#1 Sticking with a single clue

When you find a clue, it is more than tempting to stick with it and fuss about it. The main mistake to avoid in an escape room is getting too concentrated on a single clue. This can make you overlook the importance of another clue, and it can even interfere with what your teammates are attempting to solve. 

#2 Paying too much attention to the time

Another common mistake in an escape room game is stressing over time. This can make you rush, get nervous, and fail to work alongside your team. As a result, it can prevent all of you from enjoying the escape room experience. It is best to avoid panicking and constantly checking the time. After all, you’re in an escape room to have fun!

#3 Not being a team player

We believe that one of the most annoying escape room mistakes is forgetting about your team. Teamwork is vital for such a game, so you shouldn’t attempt to solve everything by yourself. Instead, focus on collaboration and use valuable information from your team members.

#4 Overanalyzing everything

Most newcomers to an escape room are prone to overthinking. This makes them spend a lot of time overanalyzing a small clue rather than looking for more clues. And it can be a tedious escape room mistake since it can interfere with your teammate’s attempts to solve the game.

#5 Avoiding asking for help

Many people believe that asking for help in an escape room is like cheating. But the truth is, if you get stuck with a clue and can’t see a solution, your teammate can shed new light on it. So, you shouldn’t make this escape room mistake! Instead, ask for help every time you feel like your friends can aid you to solve your clue!

The bottom line

This is what not to do in an escape room, as our experts say. There are numerous other mistakes you should avoid in an escape room. But paying close attention to the five listed above can help you get started with this. Ensure you’re always playing as part of the team since this game is all about collaboration and creating powerful bonds. Don’t forget to have fun and avoid stressing too much!