Condo renovation allows you to transform the property both functionally and aesthetically. If you think of carrying out a facelift project in your condo, it is essential to understand the condo renovations’ rules and have the condo board on your side for a hassle-free renovation. 

However, the possibilities are endless regarding condo renovation, but you may be stuck when deciding what to renovate first in your condo. Because of this, it would help to know the popular renovation ideas for a condo. Read further.

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is crucial to any home – condos are not exempted. As a result, improving the bathroom is one of the renovations you can carry out first. You can consider installing a bathtub or glass showers, if not installed. Add a custom mirror for a more streamlined look, and change the lighting fixture. 

Kitchen Updates

The condo kitchen is a unique component that defines the condo. So, a kitchen upgrade is one of the projects to carry out first when renovating your condo. You can change the cabinet color or install a new one. However, keep in mind that you have limited space in the kitchen. Ensure to spend on space-saving fixtures that will make the kitchen the focal point.

Change Flooring

Before you decide to fix your condo flooring, it would be best to inform the condo board and the building management team. Get to know the requirements that must be satisfied for sound resistance to comply with during condo renovation. Contact a contractor that can meet even the stringent conditions that may be laid down.


Painting is another renovation to carry out when looking for a condo renovation idea to improve your condo. However, it cannot come first. Fresh coats of paint can transform the ambiance of your condos. It will look beautiful, neat, and attractive. Painting is one of the most popular renovation ideas for a condo. You cannot go wrong with this improvement.

Upgrade Lighting

Upgrading the lighting fixtures and fitting in your condo to modern and energy-efficient styles will positively impact your condo. You can achieve a dramatic effect with the latest lighting fixtures on the market. Save energy, improve your condo aesthetics, and transform every part of your condo. 


The above tips are the popular renovation ideas for a condo. Give your condo a facelift by fixing each segment of the home. Whichever you choose to do first, you should only ensure that you hire experienced contractors for the best possible results.