Eyes are a god gift that allows you to see, play, work and enjoy life. You cannot risk it and so going to an optometrist regularly for an eye check-up is essential. If you are below 40 years, visit an eye doctor once in two years. Over 40 must check their eyes every year, regardless of whether your family has an eye disease history or not.

People not wearing glasses believe checking eyes is a waste of time. Your eyesight is crucial, and as a part of maintaining a healthy eye and good quality of life, visiting an optometrist is recommended. It is a way of preventing any eye problem and ensuring your eyes are healthy.

Reasons to get a regular eye check-up:

  • Prescription updating. Wearing glasses or contact lenses means there is a need to check for any prescription changes after every 6 to 8 months. Your eye shape and condition require slight alterations with age, and so there is a need to update the prescription.
  • Early detection of eye diseases. Eye problems do not show the point of eye damage until it has reached a serious point. The deterioration may be gradual, but you fail to notice the regression. Diabetic retinopathy and Glaucoma have early symptoms. Getting an eye exam thoroughly done by an optometrist can help in detecting issues early and preventing vision loss is possible. 
  • Monitor changes. When eyes experience changes, it is a must to get eye exams regularly done. It gives a chance to notice changes, small or big, and to get suitable treatment. The changes may appear now insignificant, but your doctor addresses the underlying conditions.
  • Prevention. Anyone experiencing symptoms may be due to vision changes. These signs such as headaches, light sensitivity, floaters, loss of focus, infections, etc, require you to get a new prescription to add glasses. It may also require you to add an anti-glare coating. Thus, it is best to know the underlying reason so that you can deal with them.

Regular visits to an optometrist for check-ups are a necessity. Your eye doctor looks for your vision quality and health to ensure your quality of life. Checking your eyes on routine alerts helps identify in case of any problem with sight or vision changes before it becomes long term conditions.  An eye check-up is a must for all ages. People with preexisting eye conditions must get an eye check-up annually.