During the winter season, stamped concretes are more likely to wear and tear because of the cold weather and its elements. Concrete is a very porous material, and when water freezes and thaws during the winter season, this puts extra pressure on the concrete. If the necessary steps are not taken, the concrete may begin to deteriorate during winter. This deterioration that occurs to concrete during winter can be prevented by taking some of the maintenance steps listed below.  

Seal Up the Stamped Concrete

Moisture and salt are some of the factors that damage concrete when they penetrate, and using a sealant will prevent this from happening.  The sealants also help to get rid of the dirt that causes damage to the surface of the concrete, which preserves your concrete.

Always Clear the Ice and Snow Coverage

Snow and ice are two significant factors that pose a threat to stamped concrete. The endless cycle of freezing and thawing that occurs when the snow or ice is left on the concrete’s surface for too long can wet the concrete more than necessary, leading to deterioration. So when snow covers the surface of your concrete, find time to clear them off with a shovel, and be sure to use a plastic one because a metal shovel can cause more damage to the surface of your concrete.

Be Careful when Parking

Stamped concrete is commonly used in patios and driveways so make sure you check that engine oil or grease is not leaking from your car when parking because that leakage can cause problems for your stamped concrete. 

Avoid the Use of Deicing Salts

Deicing chemicals and salts are helpful during winter because they get rid of the ice in a short time. However, these chemicals and salt are harmful to stamped concrete because of their corrosive property. It is advisable to use sand instead because it is an efficient way to ensure that your stamped concrete patios or driveways are skid-free. 

Reseal When Necessary

Sealing a concrete block is not a one-time activity. It is important to continue resealing when you observe that the applied sealant is wearing out. The use of sealants will also make it easier to clean your concrete when it is stained because it will prevent dirt from getting into your concrete.

Taking care of your stamped concrete patio or driveway during winter can be stressful, especially if you have to do it frequently. But, if you intend to keep enjoying your stamped concrete for a very long time, then you just have to bear with the stress. Or you can hire professional maintenance companies to get it done at your convenience.