Proper hygiene in the workplace is crucial to the employees’ health, morales, and productivity. Because of this, it is essential to maintain cleanliness at all times by providing industrial cleaning supplies and enforcing cleanliness. Also, deep cleaning the office at intervals will contribute greatly to making the office sparkling.

It may surprise you to know that an average office desk contains over 300 times more germs than the office toilet seat. Apart from the germs, the dust and grime buildup can cause health issues over time. As a result, deep cleaning the office is the way to go. So, here are ways to deep clean your office.


1.Move Items for Cleaning

Apart from the regular wiping the desk clean, sweeping and mopping the floors, etc., you should remove all the office items from their place to clean them in and out. Move furniture out of their position to clean underneath, behind, awkward corners, and hard-to-reach areas. Move computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards, desktop phones, and printers away from their current positions to clean the dust in their positions. Remove all items from the desks, cabinets, drawers, and shelves and clean them thoroughly. Get rid of clutters and shred unnecessary papers. Do not leave out the kitchen in your deep cleaning task. Move the fridge, microwave, and other kitchen items to clean the kitchen properly.

2.Clean Computer Equipment Thoroughly

Unknown to many people the computer equipment is among the dirtiest items in the office. Dust and grime accumulate there without being noticed. If you are using a desktop computer system, unplug the monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, and LAN cable. Shake the keyboard thoroughly to get food crumbs and particles out of the keys. Use a blower to blow the lurking dust off the keyboard and CPU. Clean the keyboard, monitor, and mouse with a moist towel, applying a little disinfectant.

3.Deep Clean the Floors and Carpets

Move all furniture, including cabinets and shelves, outside to expose the hidden areas covered by the furniture. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly using an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner for effectiveness. Scrub the floors properly using industrial cleaning supplies to guarantee a sparkling clean environment. Clean the baseboards at the back of the furniture that are not usually touched during cleaning.

4.Clean the Office Chairs

Read instructions on the office chairs to avoid damaging them. Spray disinfectant and dish soap on the fabric if it is waterproof or made with leather. Use the upholstery brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, dust, and cribs on the chairs. Scrub clean the plastic chairs using cleaning spray and microfiber cloth. Oil the moving parts of the office chairs to prevent them from getting stiff or creaky.


It is essential to provide industrial cleaning supplies and hire a professional cleaning company for deep cleaning of your office. Make this a routine task, and your office will be clean and free from dust and pests.