Botox is the go-to solution to fight aging signs. And many people get this treatment on a regular basis. It is an excellent procedure to diminish fine wrinkles and lines. Our experts say that you can enjoy your results for longer if you follow five simple steps. Let’s see next which are the five keys for long-lasting effects of your Botox procedure.

#1 Don’t use abrasive skincare products.

A pro tip for the long-lasting effects of your Botox procedure is avoiding abrasive products. Abrasive cleansers, masks, or scrubs mustn’t be used for at least seven days after your Botox injection. Contrary to popular beliefs, these products won’t make your results last longer. Harsh skin care products can actually make the neurotoxin migrate to other areas and promote unwanted results.

#2 Don’t sit in the sun too much.

Our experts recommend avoiding the sun as much as possible on the day of your treatment. The UV rays can boost blood flow and determine the blood vessels to dilate. This can ruin your Botox results. Also, it is more than necessary to wear sunscreen. It will ensure you’ll enjoy your Botox for longer periods.

#3 Don’t ignore the importance of a good skincare routine.

No matter if you get a Botox treatment or not, the best anti-aging tip you can receive is to follow a skincare routine. This means you should use adequate products to pamper your skin both in the morning and in the evening. It will ensure your Botox results will last longer, and your skin will definitely look suppler.

#4 Don’t overlook the importance of regular Botox injections.

Another key for long-lasting effects of your Botox procedure is to schedule regular appointments. Botox offers temporary results, which means it will slowly start to wear off. Keeping regular appointments will naturally train your facial muscles no to form wrinkle expressions.

#5 Don’t get Botox too frequently.

It is best to discuss with your certified practitioner about the frequency with which you should get the treatment. Each patient requires different Botox dosages and touch-ups. In most cases, a procedure might be scheduled every 12 weeks.

The bottom line

Botox is an excellent approach to manage fine lines and wrinkles. Our experts recommend following a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine for the best results. These injections can make your skin look youthful, but you should never ignore the importance of good habits. The five keys for long-lasting effects of your Botox procedure will help you achieve the best results!