Roof shingles have been used for years for roof replacement because they are long-lasting and effective at controlling rainfall from dwellings. These overlapping roofing materials are put up in rows and overlap. The shingles then form a barrier that repels water, snow, ice, and other weather elements. They work well for non-flat roofs on homes. The roofing material’s resilience determines the sorts of roof shingles suitable for each house to average weather and conditions. Here are the five types of roofing shingles that will boost the value of your home in years to come:


Tab roof shingles are often sold in threes. In appearance, they resemble brick walls or facades. Most property owners choose them because they are long-lasting, easy to install, and inexpensive. They also come in a variety of colors, making them suitable for nearly any home. If you’d like a shingled roof on a budget, look into them.

Clay Tiles

Clay tile roofs are the typical old-style shingle roofs seen in medieval castles, replete with the round-shingle shape. These authentic-looking shingles are as long-lasting and effective as the designs that were adopted centuries ago. They are made of clay or a combination of clay, asphalt, and other elements. Their ability to last up to 75 years or more with proper management is a tribute to their longevity.


Wood shingles are a low-cost alternative for adding excellent insulation to any property due to their light tint and quick heat dissipation. They are “stitched” together on both sides, giving them a tapering appearance. They add a grainy, tropical look to most houses. Nonetheless, it may not be aesthetically appropriate for all residences.


When compared to standard wood shingles, shake shingles offer a more rustic and textured tropical detail. Shakes are stitched on both sides as well but are thicker than wood shingles. They are, nevertheless, lower in terms of quality. Shake shingles, unlike wood shingles, come in a wide range of colors from which homeowners can pick.


Slate is a type of stone that is resistant to fire. They add a fish-scale appearance to any property when installed as shingles on any roof. The stones are available in a variety of colors. Slates are both long-lasting and environmentally beneficial. In reality, slate shingles are still used in many older American homes. They are typically available in round and square profiles. Some manufacturers develop synthetic slate tiles to strengthen them. They feature a metal and another material composite to increase durability and lifetime.