The stamped concrete that you pour onto your backyard patio is an attractive way to add some style and flair while also increasing the durability of the patio. There are steps, however, that you can take when making stamped concrete last longer through proper sealants and cleaning techniques.

Here are 5 tips for making your Concrete patio last longer:

1) Use Penetrating sealer instead of topical sealant

Consider using a penetrating sealer rather than a topical sealant to increase longevity. A topical sealant will wear off over time since it does not penetrate into the surface area of stamped concrete where damage occurs. A penetrating sealer, on the other hand, seeps down into these cracks to prevent moisture from getting in or out, which makes it last longer.

2) Increase your stamped concrete’s resistance

Increase stamped concrete’s resistance to salt by adding sodium silicate when you pour stamped concrete for your patio surface. Sodium silicates strengthen cement, which helps reduce cracking and increase durability by keeping out ultraviolet light from the sun. Make sure to add this sodium silicate mixture during the mixing process before pouring stamped concrete into molds or forms since you need all of the materials from that batch of concrete to mix together well before adding anything else. Finally, allow the patio area a few days to dry so there isn’t any moisture that will cause it to dissolve.

3) Clean your concrete patio properly

Clean your stamped concrete patio with a non-citric acid cleaner after sealing stamped concrete as soon as possible. Using an acidic cleaner such as vinegar or lemon juice may strip away the sealer you just applied and reduce stamped concrete’s resistance to salt. If these acids do not remove the sealer, then you can use them for regular stone washing from then on. Use a soft brush, warm water, and a sponge to scrub off mildew and other growths from your stamped patio surface before applying this non-citric acid cleaner. Rinse the stamped patio with water afterward.

4) Increase stamped concrete’s resistance to oils and fats

In addition to increasing stamped concrete’s resistance to salt, it is important that you increase its resistance to oil and fats. These chemicals can seep into concrete pores and cause stains on your patio. Use an oil-resistant sealant if you frequently grill or cook over your patio while also using a degreasing cleaner.

5) Replace old grout with permeable sand

If the grout lines in between stamped concrete start getting filled with mildew, then replace it with permeable sand. This will prevent mildew from accumulating in these cracks since the sand allows air to flow through stamped concrete better than grout does, which helps keep water out.

Using these ideas can help your stamped cement last longer, protect against salt damage and make your concrete patio look bright and clean without the need for heavy scrubbing.