Here are top four things you can do to prevent him from cheating on you

Help him build his confidence

Men that are confident and emotionally stable don’t cheat. Some things you can do to help him build his confidence is give compliments in bed, compliment some of his physical abilities or even some of the things he thinks you don’t notice, a recent success at work for example.

Let him have his own time

Men need their own time, just like women do. Make him feel like he is not being micro-manager and pushed around. Make it known when you want him around but don’t fight the small battles. Encourage some “guys time” and don’t ask invasive questions about his guys night out.

Never check his phone

The more you check up on him the better he gets at hiding from you. At the end of the day if he wants to cheat he will find a way. Do not make it a challenge for him. Show that you are completely confident in yourself and that you trust him fully. Men tend to respond in the same way they are being treated.

Dump him if he doesn’t love you

Men don’t cheat on women they love. Even if you get the slightest hint that he is not one hundred percent in love you, dump him. It might seem pre-mature or reactive but you are better of without him. At the end of the day, this is about you. You want to feel confident and be stable, you need a man just like you to feel that way.