Comic Con was used as a spring board for a lot of movies and tv series to launch new trailers to promote future releases. Here are some of the key ones that we saw.

Justice League Trailer 2

WOW! 4 minutes+ of goodness in this trailer which was by far the highlight of all trailers released at Comic Con. Check it out below.


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Thor Ragnarok Trailer 2

Second best trailer released was Thor Ragnarok in their 2nd official trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie. Highlight of the trailer is Bruce Banner/Hulk. Check it out below.


Westworld Season 2

I snuck this in as the third trailer in the article as a personal preference. The HBO hit is coming back for a second season and this teaser will make fans eager for its release.

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Stranger Things Season 2

The Netflix original brings the gang back for a second season. The trailer really brings that 80’s feel with Ghostbusters and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Check it out below.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The action packed surprise first movie, released in 2014, gets a sequel, this time with Channing Tatum and Halle Berry. Check it out below.



Humans, Orcs, Elves, Wil l Smith, Netflix… nuff said


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Five years since the original release, the sequel finally arrives. The first film saw mediocre reviews, so we will see what the sequel brings. Check out the trailer below.