In this article, we shall examine if you should buy a new cell phone or repair an old one. Many people believe that throwing away items that get broken is a lot cheaper and easier than fixing them. On the contrary, it is more expensive to buy a new item than have a broken one repaired.

If you are having a hard time deciding between buying a new cell phone and repairing an old one, read the tips below to get help on making a final decision.

  1. New Cell Phone Cost versus Repair Cost

It costs more to buy a new cell phone than repair it. For instance, if your iPhone screen gets broken fixing it could save you about $350 – $400. If you want to buy a new iPhone outright, you will certainly pay more than $500. However, replacing the screen will cost you between $30 and $130 if you decide to replace the screen yourself or use a professional.

  1. Time Consideration

You can have your broken cell phone repaired within an hour if you are in a hurry or within 24 hours, and it will save you money.  Buying a new cell phone requires you to install all your apps, transfer all your data and get it setup to get it running; this takes more time if you are not familiar with quick transfer tools available out there.

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  1. Security

You can keep your data and information safe by repairing your broken cell phone. If you decide to buy a new cell phone, you need to purchase a special program to erase all the data on the damaged phone’s memory before you can rest assured that no data could be retrieved from it. So, in addition to the cost of a new cell phone, you need to buy a special program because restoring factory setting does not completely erase phones’ memory if you choose to do so.

  1. Economic Impact

Your decision to repair your broken cell phone has an impact on the local economy because most repair shops are small businesses with a few people working there. You will only be helping the small businesses keep their doors open but also put some money back in the local economy.

  1. Phone Specifications

In most cases, a new cell phone does not actually mean a better phone. There are several factors to consider when you want to buy a new cell phone. Although a new phone may have a larger screen and other features but may be draining more battery than the broken device. Interestingly, you may have got so used to the old cell phone that handling a new device may be difficult.

  1. Technology

Technology in the cell phone market is not moving that fast to have made your broken cell phone outdated. The speed, camera, and software on the broken phone will not change that much within the next few years. Don’t leave your pocket empty, there are no really big changes or differences in the mobile phone technology yet.

7. Keep your existing plan

The Canadian Market received a nice surprise in December 2017 when mobile carriers such as Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Fido, etc.. Launched a Bring your own device plan at $60 for 10GB of data and unlimited national calling. Getting a subsidized phone will require you to change your plan and potentially loose out on such a great value. Repairing your old phone will ensure that you get to keep your $60 plan (if you activated one at the time).

In view of the above, repairing your cell phone would do you more good than just saving you money.