New reports are surfacing of the new iPhone 8 splitting open. 2 such reports have been documented to date.

The first comes from Taiwan. The new iPhone 8 Plus owner, Ms Wu, alleges that after putting her new phone on a charge the front panel began to bulge and lift apart about 3 minutes from plugging it in.

Based on her interview from local media, she used correct Apple supplied cables and adapters when the issue occurred. The phone was shipped back to Apple for them to investigate the incident.

iPhone 8 splitting open
image courtesy of Magokoro0511

The second incident was reported out of Japan by twitter user Magokoro0511. According to this user, his new iPhone came split right out of the box.

His post explains that he ordered the iPhone 8 Plus and upon opening the box he found the smartphone already inflated and the screen was popping out of the body. He also documented the issue with pictures.

The first day showed what the phone looked like after unboxing and the next day he posted more photos showing that the damage got even worse as the screen had almost lifted right off of the base of the phone.

Apple is aware of both incidents and is taking the appropriate steps to address the issues. The tech giant believes the problem was caused by battery swelling and that it does not possess any safety concerns.

This is not the first time that new Apple launches were connected to reported issues with their phone. Back in 2014, their iPhone 6 had reported issues with their phone bending.

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Apple’s biggest smartphone competitor, Samsung, knows a thing or two about battery problems too. Just last year, their iconic Galaxy Note 7, had multiple reports of exploding batteries. Samsung’s issues led to a massive recall and eventually led to the discontinuation of the model altogether.

Let’s hope that the issues of the iPhone 8 splitting open are isolated to these 2 incidents. If not, we’ll probably start seeing #splitgate hashtags trending on social media.