Are you looking for different ways to spruce up your bathroom? Or perhaps you are interested in ways to reduce utility bills by being more efficient in the bathroom.

There are dozens of upgrades that you can do to give that change that you are looking for and also help reduce your long term bills.

Some of these remodelling ideas are very costly but there are also some that are fairly cost effective. Both will give you that different look and feel you desire when it comes to remodelling your bathroom.

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Small Remodelling Ideas:

  1. Repaint or Install Wallpaper
    Your bathroom needs to be that relaxing retreat in your home, the place where your day begins and the place you last visit in the evening. Having the right colour or wallpaper really sets the tone on how you feel when you enter this room. Great thing about this remodel tip is that it is very cost effective.
  2. Change Towel Bar & Toilet Roll Holder
    If you are looking for a simple and cheap upgrade to give a different look and feel to your bathroom, change your towel bar and toilet roll holder. These 2 upgrades usually go hand-in-hand, but you can get really creative and switch things up to go for a really bold look!

Bathroom Remodelling Ideas From Small to Big

Medium Remodelling Ideas:

  1. Change Light Fixture
    Changing your light fixtures is a great way to change up the look of your bathroom. You can also opt to go with LED lights which will assist in reducing your utility bills.
  2. Upgrade Your Toilet
    Toilets may appear to be a boring upgrade, but this upgrade can help reduce utility bills and depending on how old your current toilet is, it can also prove to be a stylish upgrade. There are quite a few toilets that offer a higher level of style, efficiency, and performance on the market today. When you upgrade to an efficient and low-flow toilet, you will save a lot of money on water bills. If you’re looking for better accessibility or more comfort, look for a chair height toilet.
  3. Change Your Faucets
    Whether you are looking for a new look or you want to to reduce water consumption, you should look for a new faucet. Thanks to new low-flow models in the market, reducing your water bill couldn’t be easier. Also, upgrading the look of your faucet is a great way to switch up the look of boring bathroom.

Big Remodelling Ideas:

  1. Replace Your Counters
    The style of your bathroom can look outdated over time, and one of the best ways to update and refresh the look is by replacing the countertop. This is a big investment, but the end result will be breathtaking! Choose from cultured marble, granite or quartz to replace that old and laminate look.
  2. Upgrade Your Tub and Shower
    Upgrading your tub or shower is a very costly remodel, but with the advancements in both efficiency and style will prove to be the best upgrade you can do.