Mediterranean food is now all over the world. With a reputation for having some of the greatest foods ever made, Mediterranean cuisine is finding its place not only in the west, but all over Europe and Asia. It originally started with a lot of wheat and olive based foods, but as the world evolved and countries added their own ingredients and recipes, Mediterranean food became more complex and at the same time more available.

Now, taking a walk through a mall, it is easy to see all the different restaurants that each have their own unique twists to appeal to customers. These are the five restaurants we think are the best shawarma in Mississaugabest shawarma in Mississauga.

Here are the best shawarma in Mississauga:

  1. Osmow’s

Osmow’s started as a sub restaurant before it got a makeover in 2001 to what it is today. The meat is shaved off of the spit once you order instead of being prepacked and it is grilled once more to give it some extra flavour before going in the pita. The ingredients are fresh and make perfect toppings to the seasoned chicken and beef.

  1. Shawarma Hut

Shawarma Hut offers residents of Mississauga delicious and savoury shawarma, tasty falafel and much more. With different kinds of wraps, platters, and combos, you’ll come to enjoy one the many tantalizing menu items.

  1. Safari Mediterranean Grill

The service here is quick and friendly. The wraps are made to order and full of flavour. Here you can try mouthwatering dishes such as pineapple beef shawarma wrap and safari on ice. They also offer deals when buying more than one, just ask.

  1. Roman Zaman

Roman Zaman is a full service middle eastern restaurant. With a unique blend of meat and pomegranate, this cuisine is a new experience. With shawarma that also has French fries stuffed inside, they like to mix it up with their dishes.

  1. Lazeez Shawarma

Lazeez Shawarma has delicious shawarmas and authentic middle eastern sandwiches. They even bring some western flavours with Philly cheese chicken and steak.