Eye exams are helpful in finding out how healthy your eyes are and are necessary to get a prescription for your glasses. Both sunglasses and regular glasses can have prescriptions that help you see better and increase eye health.

Eye Concept are experts in the field of optometry and can help you with all your eye and glasses needs. They are located inside Oakville Place Mall in Oakville. They have a variety of prescription glasses, prescription lenses, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

Eye Concept Oakville

Glasses can have single vision, progressive, and bifocal and trifocal lenses. The different types of lenses can drastically improve how someone interacts with their glasses on a daily basis and can replace more than one pair of old glasses if need be.

Contact lenses are another way to get your vision back to normal without wearing glasses. By putting the lens directly on the eye, the curvature fits onto the eye perfectly, giving a more natural vision, while also not having any accessories on your head, which allows for sports and activities without the hassle. The opticians at Eye Concept will help you make the right decision based on your eye type.

With brands like Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Versace, Ray-Ban, and Burberry, you have endless styles and choices to pick from to match your every fashion need. Eye Concept also offers eye exams for both children and adults to make sure you’re getting the prescription you need.

Eye exams are an important part of any person’s health and should be taken seriously. Adults need to have regular eye exams to check for early signs of disease and vision issues, as well as making sure their prescription is up to date. Children can be even more adversely affected by vision problems, as sight is extremely important in early development.