A large number of online tutorials and cheap video equipment made videography possible for everyone. Lots of people decide to get their hands on video making. Some look at video shooting as the ideal marketing meanwhile others look at it as a way to have fun and do some film experimenting. Nonetheless, everyone has made some video making mistakes that significantly decrease a video’s quality.

Lots of people decide to consult with professional videographers. This way they get input on the best equipment and shooting locations for their projects. Before you do that, to help you out we made a list of the basic things you should focus on to create a good looking video:

1. Quality of Sound & Image

One of the biggest mistakes made in amateur video making is not focusing enough on the sound. Dialogue, music, atmospheres and sound effects are an equally important part of a video as images. As for shaky videos, videos with poor sound end up being turned off or skipped. Do not ever shoot dialogue with a phone microphone! This is the number one mistake of amateur video makers!!!

To ensure your sound has the best possible quality, invest in some necessary equipment such as wireless microphones, boom poles and headphones. Putting on while filming is highly recommended because this is the only way you get to hear the actual sound being recorded. Also, another great tip is shooting dialogue in a closed interior and then later on putting it over video through the process of editing.

2. Steady Images

Unless a shaking image is part of the video’s style, buy a tripod and video stabilizers. Cameras are sensitive and any kind of outside motion can negatively impact the quality of the image. Having a shaky video usually results in viewers skipping it or leaving bad reviews. Wind, breathing, handheld shooting and even an eye twitch can cause your image to appear as a tornado has passed through it. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford tripods or stabilizers, go with DIY style and find a way to place your camera on a flat surface. Use rocks, boxes and tables to get an unshaken image. Trust me, this DIY type of video shooting will make the process 10 times more interesting.

3. Creative Liberty

Amateurs and film enthusiasts have always found new ways to push the boundaries of filmmaking. In fact, many shooting tricks which are practiced by famous videographers today have been discovered long ago by amateurs and experimenters. Here lies one of art’s beauties as everyone can contribute and leave their own unique mark. This is why our last suggestion is to completely use your creative liberties and become the videographer which you were meant to be.

Before you start shooting, try to imagine every possible way of getting your message across. Relax and slowly push your mind into a creative adventure. If you already did a shooting plan, ask yourself if there is a more creative option for achieving the same thing. Do not be afraid to dive deep into creativity as this way you’ll start linking ideas and therefore increasing quality of content and video.

4. Stay Organized

Shooting a video is like managing a large corporation. You have to keep things tight and organized while also allowing creative flow to spice up the whole process. This can be mentally exhausting and overwhelming as two separate parts of the brain are working together at the same time. This is why you should find the paste which suits you best. If you want to shoot a video, you do not have to be stressed out and in a hurry. Everyone’s creative process is different, so try to find out yours.

To avoid chaos, ask a friend or colleague to help you out with organizing your video making project. This can take a burden off your back and plus add some extra fun into the mix. Make a checklist at least a week before you start shooting, to avoid missing out on something on the actual day of shooting. Organizational lists also help out with keeping mind of the budget and available means.