Buying a resale home is surely cheaper than buying a newly constructed one or building a house yourself. Nonetheless, investing in a resale home can be accompanied by certain issues. To overcome or avoid them, consult with experts on the house’s condition before you make the purchase. If it’s too late for that, here are some things you probably need to replace in your newly bought home:

1. Flooring

The floor of a home is the foundation for one’s comfort. There are many types of flooring and some of them require replacements and frequent cleaning. If your new home has carpet flooring, throw it all out and start renovating. A floor is where all of the bacteria end up and carpets are known to absorb everything and cause certain allergies and infections. When you choose a new floor, you should take into consideration durability, style, price and required maintenance. The best type of flooring is stone as it is most durable and least expensive. Its disadvantages are high maintenance and difficult installation.

2. Windows & Doors

The first advice you’ll get when moving into a new home is changing the locks. We recommend going a step further and completely changing the windows are doors. Unless the home is new or recently renovated, door and window replacement is highly recommended as it increases energy efficiency, reduces electrical bills, ensures safety and improves comfort and health. Signs that you need window replacement are: difficulty with opening or shutting, draftiness, rotten or damaged frames, scratched glass, mold growth and condensation.

3. HVAC System

HVAC’s should be replaced every 10 years so if you suspect that the owners weren’t honest about its condition, immediately consult with experts. Apart from age, other signs that your HVAC is down are: high energy bills, unpleasant odors, asthma attacks and allergies, increased amount of dust and poor air quality. Some homes do not need a completely new HVAC system as they can improve air quality with simple air duct cleaning or replacement. With time debris builds up in the ducts and leads to pest infestations, mold growth and insufficient air quality and temperature.

4. Bathroom

First of all, we suggest changing the toilet seat and showerhead. Because our bathrooms are linked to our health and hygiene as to the functionality of our drainage systems, regular renovations and replacements are necessary. Some appliances like the water heater have a limited life span and to even reach their maximum, they should be regularly cleaned and inspected. You do not how the previous owners treated your house, so investing in bathroom and plumbing inspections after moving into a new home is obligatory. The worse case scenario for a home with bad plumbing is a sewer back-up.