All of us love those wedding reality TV shows, filled with drama, stressful situations and bursts of complicated emotions. But let’s be honest, planning the wedding of your dreams isn’t an easy task. Lots of things can go wrong, even sudden break ups and finding the venue on fire – yes, that really happened on one episode. To ease things up for you, we made a guide for all future spouses on how to organize their dream wedding without any unwanted hassle and stress.

Here is how you can plan the wedding of your dreams:

1. Choose the Date

The first thing to do is choose your perfect date. Many couples go for spring and summer as those periods have minimum chances for rain and bad weather. After you pick the date, everything will be much easier since the banquet hall and the staff will liberate their schedules and work in advance, within a mutual time frame.

2. Choose the Perfect Colors

To find out the ideal look for your wedding, consult with a color palette. All of us have different associations for colors and so do you and your partner. When you decide on the colors and shades, everything else will just keep on falling into place.  Remember that you should do this at least 6 months before the actual wedding.

3. Choose a Theme

A wedding is an event that symbolizes the connection between two individuals who love each other. This is why the style and overall look of your wedding should represent your mutual biography. If emotions start to overflow and you cannot decide on the look, always ask for advice from family, friends and experts.

4. Accept Professional Help

Tons of couples come to me with a stereotypical opinion: Hiring an event planner is really expensive! But actually, no, it isn’t. Having someone watch your back at every step and take care of every possible obstacle during the most important day of your life isn’t expensive. In fact it is as cheap as it can get. Wedding planners know all of the DJ’s, banquet halls, catering services, decorators… This puts you in touch with all of that information as well and it also gets you the best deals possible, in some cases even discounts!

5. Manage Your Guest List

It is reasonable that you should determine seating placements and number of guests before you book the venue. Some of them have special packages for large groups and weddings. It is also necessary to check with the banquet hall about insurance plans. After everything is checked and ready to go – start designing and printing those customized wedding invitations.