Having difficulties breathing, even minor headaches? When friends visit you they immediately open the window? Well, you have chosen the right article for solving those problems! Low-quality indoor air can cause severe health damage for you and your family. Luckily enough it can be easily resolved too and without even shaking up your pockets and damaging the bills as well.

1. Clean HVAC & Air Ducts

The most important thing you should do if you want the indoor air to improve is clean your HVAC and air ducts. These conduct air travel and if they aren’t clean they contaminate the air and rip it out from its main qualities. HVAC and duct cleaning serves as a shield of protection for your health. To gain a better understanding of the reasons, we will simply mention that unclean air ducts are ideal for the nesting of pesticide and mold. When these two combine, frequent coughs, allergies and even asthma attacks might start to occur.

2. Plants & Candles

Plants are known for their gracefulness, but they also increase oxygen levels and enable us to enjoy life with a full deep breath. Investing in greenery and stylishly inserting it in your indoors will improve air quality and also the overall look of your interior. As for other means of air cleansing, aroma sticks and candles always do the trick. Some of them also sooth our psyche and awake different mental states such as relaxation, confidence, forgiveness…

3. Frequent Ventilation

Windows offer many benefits to homeowners, one of them is comfortable air breezes and ventilation. Why don’t you open up your windows more frequently and let new fresh air enter and cleanse your home? You should ventilate the indoors at least 2 times a day. Use the characteristics of your windows to get a better air breeze. For instance, when doing window replacement lot of homeowners choose awnings and casements. These two types open up to 45 degree angles which is the ideal angle for ventilation. Even if you don’t have these types of windows, use this angle and boost up that air breeze.

4. Clean Carpets

Carpets are great for increasing heat efficiency in a home, they are also great for adding aesthetic value, but they have one unpleasing disadvantage – carpets are the biggest bacteria collectors. Dirt and dust always ends up on the floor and be sure that your carpet is more than happy to gather all of them. Vacuuming the carpet on a weekly basis is great for maintaining a healthy and breathable environment, but take your carpet to the professional cleaners at least once a year. Professional cleaners use special chemicals and extremely hot water to get rid of bacteria wrapped up in the deepest parts of carpet fibers.

5. Weekly Maintenance

None of above mentioned will prove valuable and important if you do not put some effort into cleaning yourself. Weekly clean ups are necessary for maintaining a healthy environment. We cannot see the amount of bacteria and dirt we let into our homes on a daily basis. Vacuuming the floors, cleaning up the kitchen cabinets, disinfecting the bathroom and washing the curtains should be regularly done. Imagine how your house would look if dirt and dust haven’t been cleaned for a whole month? Now, do you understand the importance of weekly clean ups?