Thought about doing some renovations? Well, start with the exterior! Front renovations are the ones with the highest ROI. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, they cost much less than interior renovations that require digging up pipes and breaking walls. Secondly, recent statistics show that modern homebuyers focus more on the exterior and value aesthetics above all else. Here are great ways to make your front shine and attract the attention it deserves:

1. Front Door

The main representation of you and your home is the front door. Think of it as a portal to a new world. You wouldn’t want to enter that portal if there were cracks and mold around it, right? That is why if your budget allows, think of replacing your door immediately. Upgrade it to a better material and get better insulation in the inside as well. If not, then a simple repainting job will do the trick too. Make it a strong and influential color which will complete your exterior.

2. Front Door Canopy

Usually people are a little skeptical about installing a canopy. They aren’t sure which one to pick as a canopy has strong influence over exterior aesthetics. You should choose one similar to your roof or window frames and shutters. The form can also become an issue as there are a variety of canopies with different pros and cons. But the main thing all canopies have in common is that they provide extra shade, redirect falling water and add aesthetical value.

3. Go Green

The easiest way you can add instant glare to a space, whether it be interior or exterior is with plants and flowers. They increase oxygen levels and provide a fresh, welcoming look to a home. But choose your flowers wisely as they should complement the overall look of your home. If you aren’t keen on yard work and planting, invest in window boxes and pots. A good tip is to arrange the greenery in a way that it will pay homage to the beauty of symmetry and proportion.

4. Upgrade Windows

Apart from increasing energy efficiency, quality windows add a great deal to curb appeal. Their power shouldn’t be underestimated as they can break the overall look of the exterior if not properly matched with the style and practicality of your home. With just a simple change from casement to double-hung, you can change the look and feel in an instant and improve your home’s front. If you cannot afford window replacement, repainting of the frames or installing authentic shutters will add a fresh new look to your windows as well.

5. Upgrade Lighting

None of the renovations will matter if no one can see them. Investing in backyard lightning always succeeds in making spaces look richer and cleaner. A common choice is going for LEDs or solar lights. You have all of that sunshine in your garden, so why not use it for charging up those photodiodes. To make things even more interesting, install lightning around the pathway to your entrance. This is also a security measure as it always puts potential burglars in doubt.