As we grow up, everyone goes their separate ways so there are lots of cases where family members are spread around the globe, without seeing each other for years. To overcome the sadness which these situations bring, people started creating traditions and large family reunions. And to make new memories last longer they started printing out customized family T-shirts, some even hoodies and baseball caps. Here is how to tailor these shirts and give them a unique family flare:

1. Be Open to Suggestions

A common advice you’ll hear is to consult with your family members before you choose the design. But since everyone is creative in their own way, you can get a little bit thrown off the track and forget your primary intentions. So the best way is to give the family custom t-shirts as surprise gifts, and for their opinions you can publish a mysterious survey with questions like: what does our family mean to you? What symbol do you think represents us the most? and so on…

2. Brainstorm Ideas

After you get everybody’s input start brainstorming to find the perfect design idea. It’s hard to satisfy the needs of each family member, but with determination, intuition and creative juice everything can be accomplished. You can even purchase a note board and pin every idea you have – like a detective from the 80s, solving a robbery. Make connections and do not be afraid to activate the left side of your brain to a maximum.

3. Think Back to Your Heritage

If you get stuck on brainstorming, turn to your ancestors for help. Every family has their own unique success stories which determined the path of future generations. Family means power and what better way to highlight it than referring to the actual beginnings of family growth and success. So go on through retro pictures and consult with the elderly to discover your family’s authenticity.

4. A Designer’s Touch

After the difficult but also inspiring process of design choosing comes the practical parts – the actual designing. If none of your family members knows Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, consider hiring someone from the outside circles – a professional graphic designer. This way you will ensure that the best look of your custom family T-shirts, leaving everyone in awe when they see it. An outside designer will also help with giving suggestions on improvement as he/she is skilled to make the best out of any design idea.

5. Choose Sizes and Colours

Remember that the customized part of a T-shirt also applies for colors and sizes. Consult with the print shop to choose the ideal shirt sizes for your family. Take in mind children and elderly which may be in need of smaller or larger sizes. Now for the T-shirt colors: people love to make choices and a great way to provide them is by creating the same design but made in 3 different colors like red, blue or green. This way everyone can choose according to their desires.