A French manufacturer called Newron just realesed a design for an electric motorcycle that looks like it came out of a superhero movie. Many consider this motorcycle to be the motorcycle of the future and some have gone as far as saying that this is a piece of art. It has a curved wooden body that holds a large cylindrical pack. The wood finish body is open on the sides and it exposes the Cylindircal pack where the battery is housed.

Newron plans to build 12 of these motorcycles in 2020 and they have just built their second prototype. Their goal is to create a very exclusive high-end motorcycle for true enthusiasts who want to venture into a new and exciting riding territory. This project is still at a very early stage and the team is looking for partners, investors and early stage owners.

The company was founded in 2016 by a couple of engineers with previous entrepreneurship experience.

Although it seems that main stream production is still some time away, motorcycle enthusiasts are excited about experiencing this “piece of art” and enjoying a thrilling ride in complete silence.