Some of the reasons for renovating a condo may be to have a new modern look, more space, more storage, improved curb appeal, and enhanced value. 

Here are the 5 upgrades you should consider that will increase your condo’s market value:

Window Replacement

When considering the perfect condo renovation, think about window replacement. Installing new windows will give your condo a modern look. Besides, you will improve the overall appeal of the apartment in addition to enhancing its energy efficiency. Over the years, the windows may have become damaged, or the style is outdated, choose new designs that will complement the architectural design of the condo. It is a worthwhile project that is worthy of investing in.

Door Replacement

Doors are an essential part of a building. Deciding to replace your doors is a wise decision. Ensure that your condo renovation includes replacing the entrance door especially. Often, homeowners ignore their doors during a renovation project. Meanwhile, most doors are outdated and have little or no energy efficiency. Replace such doors to get maximum benefits from the project.

Spruce Up Cabinets and Doors

If the cabinets in your kitchen and doors in the condo have lost their sheen and luster, you can spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint. Meanwhile, the doors must be sanded and smoothened before being repainted. Potential condo buyers usually prefer the properties with cabinets, counters, and doors that are painted and cared for. Painting the cabinets will improve the appeal of your condo’s interior.

Plumbing Upgrade

What you can upgrade or renovate in a condo is limited because most of the facilities are shared. The plumbing system is shared between condos. However, you can extend the piping after getting approval from the condo board. You can replace the faucets with modern and water-saving models for efficiency and an improved look. Meanwhile, you have to notify other owners before shutting off the water supply to minimize disruptions for the neighbours.

Glass Showers

Another facelift that is guaranteed to provide maximum benefit is the installation of a see-through glass shower. A glass shower will transform the bathroom into a more appealing space. It will make your bathroom look visually spacious and attractive. You can choose a suitable design for your bathroom.