Birthdays are universally-acknowledged cause for celebration and at such, they should always be memorable. Although the people make memories, what contributes greatly to the beauty of those moments is the location. Choosing a venue for a birthday party can be tricky based on budget and other preferences. Nevertheless, here are five great places to have birthday parties!

A large backyard

Get the grill out, buy some bottles of your squad’s choice(s) of alcohol, and have your best people around to celebrate life at its finest in a sweet and cozy party. The open space in a large backyard allows for enough dancing, and easy movement, without forcing interaction among the guests in a closed space. Also, it saves you the stress of after-party cleanups because any mess that is created outside can be spotted and cleaned up faster, compared to if it were indoors.

Italian restaurants 

There are very few options that promise perfection like an Italian restaurant. Savor a delightful menu, enjoy rich music and make memories with your friends in a restaurant that was designed with all intents for intimacy. Meet up with the restaurant management before the date and make necessary inquiries to ensure that their services fit your preference, and also to be aware of the rules of conduct. For all intents and purposes, however, an Italian restaurant is the perfect birthday party venue.

The beach 

To have a slightly more relaxed birthday, and save yourself the cost of renting a venue, you can take the party to the beach. A beach birthday party is sure to involve beach games so activities won’t be a problem. Just remind everyone to bring towels, someone will definitely get dunked into the water.

Arcade centers

If your circle is an active one and games are your thing, you can have a birthday party at an arcade/games center. The endless selection of games is going to keep guests on their feet and interaction will naturally flow because of the high energy. All in all, an arcade provides you the opportunity to have a stress-free birthday party. Arrive, have fun, celebrate, go home –memories made!

Karaoke bar

Imagine ten of your closest friends in a karaoke room, or hanging out at a lounge. Fries and drinks are making the rounds and one of them is screaming out their heart to the chords of a song. Now, that is a fun party! Switch up and try a karaoke birthday party for an amazing, laughter-filled experience!

Celebrating life is amazing, especially when it’s done at the right location and these are sure to give you collage-worthy memories!