Learning to resist and call off the urge to go all out on the effects and ideas you have for videos can be really hard as a beginner in the field. There are so many cool things that interest you, which you want to try your hand at, without realizing that they may give your video that clichéd amateur look which screams ‘hi, I just started doing this’

Professional videos generally have a more sophisticated air around them, with evident efforts from the videographer which can be seen in special attention to details of the video. Achieving this level of creativity, balanced with professionalism, is very possible, even as a beginner —you just have to be willing to work towards it. 

Sounds like a lot? Worry not. Read on to learn five tips to help you sharpen your videography skills and make your videos look professional. 


For maximum professionalism, try to use minimal designs in your background. You want the audience to place their attention on the concept of the Video itself, not the background. Therefore, to avoid presenting like an amateur, accept that less is more when it comes to the background. 



Practice being steady with your equipment to ensure that your video turns out looking as professional as it can. Having a firm grip gives you the confidence to switch focus and zoom as you want without worrying about upsetting the balance. 



Crisp and clear audio is a high selling point for any video, something people don’t really think about while shooting a video. If you are shooting with your phone camera be sure to get an external microphone as your phone’s mic may not capture the crispness or clarity of the voices. 


Use enough light 

It is no secret that lighting scares most people who are just starting out as videographers. Too much or too little brightness can take your entire video concept and turn it around for the worse. Be sure to test scenes and make sure your lighting looks as good on screen as it does in reality. 


Plan the shoot 

Above all else, plan the shoot! Ideas can be instantaneous and creativity is spontaneous, that doesn’t give room for doing the bare minimum. Plan the shoot in advance and work out any kinks which may arise in the process. This gives you a turnout that is very close to perfection, safe for some things that are out of your control to fix. 

Professional-looking videos help market your skills as one who knows exactly what they are doing! Get the right audience to improve with, practice to be perfect!