An effective irrigation system is crucial to a healthy and green lawn. Quite a lot of factors should be considered when planning an irrigation system for your lawn or garden. Your budget, size of the landscape, and the type of plant or grass grown in the lawn are the significant factors that come to play when planning an irrigation system.

I dropped at the drip irrigation system, hose irrigation system, an automatic irrigation system. The choice of a type of irrigation will be determined by the soil, grass or plant, and tools. There is a wide variety of irrigation tools on the market, and they are available in different capacities, sizes, functionalities, and made of different technologies. All these have a direct impact on crafting an effective irrigation system.

Regardless of your budget, here are five best practices with an irrigation system:

1. Soil Preparation

When setting up an irrigation system, it is best to start from soil preparation. It would help if you made sure that there is proper drainage, and the soil should have a good water-holding capacity. The kind of soil will determine the ideal volume of water for replacement.

2. Correct Positioning of the Sprinkler

The irrigation system should be well-spaced to make sure that the sprinklers cover the entire lawn. Besides, when watering, there should not be dry areas; water should reach all the areas of the park. The sprinklers should be set to ensure that at least about 75% of the system work correctly.

3. Water Only When Required

The fact that you have installed an irrigation system does not mean that you must water your lawn every day. Only water the lawn when needed. The type of soil and the grass or plant on the lawn will determine the frequency of watering and the volume of water to use.

4. Water at the Right Time

You cannot water your field or lawn at any time. The best practice is to turn on the irrigation system only when evaporation is low, and there is less wind. The right time is usually in the morning and late in the evening.

5. Regular Maintenance

You must ensure to manage and maintain your irrigation system is properly maintained. There may be leaks or misdirected spray, which only results in loss of water. The sprinklers may have clogged or blocked, but keeping the entire irrigation system will fix the clogged sprinklers.

The above are the best practices of irrigation systems. They must be followed to get the best result possible from an irrigation system.